Motion Basics Physical Therapy is an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic, focused on providing exercise training, manual therapy treatments, and patient education for the adult population.  We focus on balance/joint proprioception training, trunk stabilization control, and instruction on strengthening and stretching exercises that can be readily transferred to the home setting.

We are equipped to treat patients with orthopedic impairments, who are independent with ambulation and transfers (with or without an assistive device).  We also offer Women’s Health physical therapy, to treat pelvic pain syndromes and incontinence issues. 

There are no assistants or aides providing care; treatments are one on one with the physical therapist (Mary Chen, D.P.T.), and treatment time is typically 45-60 minutes.  The one on one attention allows for customized care and guidance, for optimum quality of care.  Treatment sessions are aimed at getting the patient independent with a long-term program/solution to their present physical complaints.  Providing patient education and encouragement are essential for rehab success.     



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